About Me

My name is Sune and I am an food geek.

I love preparing and cooking food; experimenting with taste, textures, spices, gadgets, methods and everything in between. My focus is to make the best tasting food possible. Often I use advanced techniques that is still possible to do in a home kitchen.

In this blog I will be sharing my findings, recipes and reflections about all of those topics.

I hope you will enjoy reading about it, and maybe trying out the different recipes I will be posting.

The recipes are available in both Danish and English, since I know a lot of people who do not speak any Danish.  There are a number of recipes available in English, but since there were very little response I have decided not to do any more. You can always use Google Translate to translate recipes from Danish. The ingredients are, of course, what I have available to me in Denmark. If you are unsure what to substitute with in a specific recipe, just send me comment and I will try and help you find out what works in your specific country.